WARNING: You are staring at a piece of royal history. I fell in love with this top as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Check out these flamboyant designs, the sharp cuts and neat threading; the perfect ingredient for royal evening walks. This piece of beauty is a bargain at the price due to the unbelievable quality of its fabric. The cool overlooked quality of this design is the fact that you could easily combine it with so many colours of your pants – Chinos, Cotton, wool and even some colours of your jeans.  I am so sure this is going to be sold out.

Any time you get a chance to wear this piece, you will get a chance to understand what it feels to be an African royalty centuries ago, strolling on streets paved with gold. Do not forget this top is not just a casual wear for the street; you could wear it to your dinner or even on some other social functions. Be ready to say lots of ‘Thank You’ to a number of folks who will comment on how good it looks on you.

Become royal! Now!

Dellytop Men’s African Dashiki Autumn Fashion Print Sleeve T Shirt

Wear For Club, Party, Lounging, Movie Nights, Shopping, Running Errands, Dancing, Working Out, And More!
S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL available,Please refer to the size chart in the picture,and allow us 1-3cm size differentiation.
About The Color:Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness etc,we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen as an exact color of the product.

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This piece might appear simple but do not underrate the electric effect this design could have on your appearance when you decide to ditch that work suit in favour of something casual. You will benefit from the minimalistic design that puts your body and physique on the forefront of people’s memories whenever you make your appearance. What many fashion lovers fail to constantly comprehend is this rule: Your clothing is there to make you appear good, not the other way around. This top absolutely mirrors this rule. Do you want to stand out apart on white, without coming off as ‘too formal’? This top is your first guide, especially if you crave for an uncluttered appearance.

Want me to go on? No, I won’t. The obvious beauty of this minimalistic design leaves little room for long comments.


This hipster extra-long T-shirt drips of sheer masculinity. I would suggest this top if you want to successfully display your alpha male qualities without appearing to intimidate. But the casual nature of this affair is alright intimidating. Nothing could ever go wrong with this piece when they get combined. Black is a powerful and optically appealing colour by default. Using it in a male casual wear design is the ultimate statement of masculine expression. We dare you to get this piece. You will break no law anyhow you decide to wear it.


Whenever you hear the colour Blue, ‘work’ is the first thing that comes to your mind. I don’t blame you for that. I also had that mentality until I came across this chic design on sale here.

I tried very hard to find a single fault with this shirt’s design and fortunately for me, I was unsuccessful. This piece is one reason why you should remain grateful to urban wear designers. I found this piece to be able to transform you from the dull, rigid nine to five gentleman to a more pleasant and outgoing version of you. The colours are not riotous, they are cool and intended to put you out as being one.

You could combine this top with almost any ‘Down wear’ in your closet. We did a colour match on this piece with the eight most common paint colours. Guess what? They turned out beautifully with this piece. You will have fun combing this with any other colour of your choice. And don’t tell us how delighted you were with the outcomes (we already know), tell your friends about it.

They were wrong. Blue doesn’t always mean work.