The past few years have witnessed a huge surge in the demand for African fabric and fashion. This is not so surprising given the boisterous energy, color, and passion they advertise. Every fashion designer now and then tries to incorporate their elements into their designs while the very bold ones go full scale to craft beautiful masterpieces from these fabrics. Whether you are planning to go on Dashiki, native prints, or the local lace, you will never run out of options. We took some time out to scour the web for some African print ideas for you ladies. Here are five trendy ideas that caught our fancy:


African fabrics are beautiful and this is not an exception. This is a skirt for the office and also for a jaunt. You could wear it to dinner or an event for very important personalities. This skirt covers every definition for the word ‘versatility’. This will go well with any of the primary colors. The star colours are White, Red, everything Blue, Olive Green, and co. I noticed that transition is never an issue with this wear. For an example, sandals mean casual while pumps indicates formal. Combine with work shirts, Denim, T-shirts, dark coloured coats, and jacket. It would accommodate as much as you can dare to try out.

Lovezesent Women’s African Print High Waist A-Line Pleated Midi Skirt

One Size/Three Color; Length 33.46inch; Waist 27.6-39.4inch
Vintage High Waist Africa Print A-lined Midi Skirt
Hot style and fashion design adored by modern women

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We’ve got the perfect alternative to the bland and boring dress designs out there. This dress is the king among queens. It flatters, it accentuates and it glorifies. The flowers incorporated in the design will do great justice to your smooth skin (of course you do take care of your skin, don’t you?) and as well give you the exquisite unique look. The designer of this dress clearly intended to keep you coming back for more of his collection. I am afraid I will have to keep on checking them out for new stuffs. Were we impressed by this? Of course, why else is it on the list.


Make way for the queen! Make way! This piece is not for the faint-hearted. This is African traditional clothing for the spotlight. That’s the more reason we loved and chose it. Womanhood is a culture of assertiveness and this wonderful dress is perfect for it. It is casual, yet powerful, Beautiful without diminishing the scope of its objective. It’s time to show off those legs and firm figure. And do not despair if you’ve got another figure that’s different from the models. This dress is guaranteed to perfectly fit across all body sizes and heights. This remains a bold statement for African fashion designers.



Appear sexy without looking slutty in this off-shoulder dress. A warning goes for you when you purchase this dress: Avoid overcrowded areas. Chances are high that the girls will have a hard time distracting their men from staring – because they too will be staring. One distinct quality in its design is its ability to accommodate almost any kind of accessories. Be it beads, metal jewelleries or bands, this exquisitely designed dress accommodates them all without fuse. It will however go with a few select colour ranges of foot wears – we are sure you’ve got them in your closet (Red, Blue, Black, White, Brown, etc.).


The first images that ran across my mind immediately I saw this beauty where the lionesses and leopards in Africa; strong, confident and powerful. This jumpsuit will make you appear more agile, lithe and graceful. It will do wonders to your figure (especially if you are paranoid about a few folds of flesh here and there). It is suitable for almost every occasion and situation that is not work related. This is the ultimate gift you could get for your self-confidence. And do not forget that this is a better alternative to the leopard’s skin. Go cat woman!