Redundant body types upsets us on a regular basis, they turn out to be even more infuriating when we go out for swimsuit shopping. For we females, this is a task that is complicated enough since we might end up having to decide if we’re onion-shaped or not. In view of the fact that we, even while being fashion aficionados, couldn’t work out our “body shapes” we reasoned that the majority of the female populace have got to be having similar dilemmas as well. To help out on this, we decided to come up with a guide to our favorite bathing suit designs for 2018. Whether you would like to cover up a birthmark, conceal butt fat or provide an adequate amount of support for the boobs, we’ve got a swimsuit design to recommend to you. The good news is that you must not be in Africa to feel like you are African.

Here is our definitive swimsuit shopping list for the styled-up women.


Retro styles and polka designs will never go out of style. They are here to stay. Stand out from the crowd and relate with the years wearing this beautiful piece.

I found this particular piece to be cool and laden with pleasant nostalgia. Polka designs are particularly suited for beautiful ladies who are keen to portray a

calm, moderate and matured outlook. If you are one, simply go get this.

I recommend this swim piece for classy ladies in search of serious and matured fun.


Hello sporty!

Beach times are fun times and this colorful design more than enough encouragement for you to go sporty the next time you head for a swim. These types of designs are most suited for tall ladies on the south side of ‘big’. The goal here is not to give your figure an illusion of more curves, but to flatter the sheer lack of it with a sporty combination. Sports people do not need curves! That is the message this beautiful piece would help you pass across. And by picking designs having prints and bright colors, you won’t come off as being a bland and style-rigid tomboy, as this will only enhance your athletic figure. Going sporty is the perfect reason to show off those well toned and trim figure in the warm African sun.


This design won’t stop reminding us of Tarzan, his girlfriend, and all that fun and adventure waiting to happen. This design is fun! I repeat; this design is fun! You cannot help but agree that it has got so much juice on it. Prepare to get your figure flattered on this costume. We are sure about that because; the sort of patterns on this particular design has a way making you appear

larger than life – without the entertaining a fear of creating visual exaggerations.

We dare you to step out to the waters on the below piece, knowing well that you are going to leave a lot of folks drooling over how beautiful it’s going to look on you without coming straight – across as being trashy.


This B&W design got us swooning over its warm visual balance of monotone, which when properly accented, can pass along a powerful message of confidence and self-awareness. I highly recommend this piece especially if you need to accentuate your bust area without making it look so obvious. This particular B&W piece would go off well with lightly colored straw hat to keep hair out of your eyes, the sun off your face, and keep you looking chic in one fell swoop. Since you are planning to show more skin, it will be effective in making legs appear longer. Black is a serious colour that evokes strong emotions; it is easy to stand out in it especially in a boisterous background. Black is the colour of authority and power, intelligence, stability, and strength. Who

else has all these qualities if not you?


Nothing projects and accentuates a happy personality more than a bright and colourful design. I loved this BEAUTIFUL piece. If your skin tone is on the darker side, I would recommend this piece for you – go get it before it’s all gone!

If your skin tone is on the darker side, you have a higher chance of stealing all the show at the water side on this swim wear. You could add dark shades to the whole mix to complete a cool demeanour. No matter your body type or figure, we highly recommend this for you – we discovered that it didn’t over-flatter people’s bodies in ways that leaves them awkwardly self- conscious.

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