One major setback of the online stores is the hefty stocks and tons of products, making it difficult for most users to find the right product for themselves. If you have been looking for some great dresses (and if your main purpose is to avoid sifting and hour-long searching), check out our list of top 3 BestMadeAfrica African inspired dresses for women that are worth your every penny.

  1. Angl Lee Women’s Sexy Off Shoulder Print Ethnic Style Bodycon Midi Dress

If you want an amalgamation of ethnic and modern African clothing, this off-shoulder print is the perfect way to accentuate those curves, sensually. And then, it’s not just the right mix of style and print, it also great for those who want to steal the show with their ecstatic sex appeal, as the dress is essentially short. The off-shoulder stitch gives your cleavage a reveal, giving you another reason to get this outfit.

Fabric Quality: The dress is made out of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, both allowing you for a considerable stretch and better fit. It’s not cotton, but the quality on the dress doesn’t disappoint, at all!

Price: For $15.90, this dress deserves a place in your wardrobe. The blue and red color combination look truly supreme, and really worthy of a try.

2. Eleganlife Women’s Sexy Deep V-Neck Sequin Split Bodycon

It’s sexy and glorious. If you want to look hot while slimming down your waistline, this black and champagne V-Neck dress is a must-have. While there are dresses that are more about accentuating curvatures unnecessarily, this Eleganlife dress is a true representation of African style clothing, i.e. fitting in the right places while being generously gorgeous. It’s the perfect evening dress that you could wear in varying environments. The dress is a perfect fit, while the back slit allows for a comfortable wear.

Fabric Quality: The dress is made out of satin and lycra, but it feels much more like satin. The lycra on the dress helps with achieving the perfect fit that you want out of your dress.

Price: This sexy dress is available for $25.49 on Amazon and is great for an all-around wear. You won’t regret buying this one, trust us!

3. Annflat Women’s African Print Ruffles One Shoulder Mermaid Dress

When you aren’t looking for something too colorful or ethnic African dresses, nor something too dark, try this gorgeous orange dress from Annflat that’s not just affordable, but also a perfect fit. It’s not the usual African cotton, but in fact, it’s quite stretchy and comfortable to wear. The drape on the top of the dress with a mermaid hemline on the bottom, this is a dress that could get you the praise and attention for any occasion.

Fabric Quality: N/A.

Price: Make use of the ongoing sale and get this dress for only $19.99. It’s really a beautiful clothing item that you cannot miss, no matter what.